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I love to read just about anything, as long as it's fiction. I read for me - that means I read what I want, when I want. My reviews tend to mostly be based on how I'm able to personally connect with the story/characters. They are not intended to influence someone to read, or not read, a particular book. I always encourage people to take a chance and make up your own mind.


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The Night Circus

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

The first thing that drew me to The Night Circus was the cover. I just love everything about it. But, that was also the reason I was hesitant to read it. When I love a cover, I want to love the story just as much. When I don't, it kills my cover-love. I didn't want to be turned off this cover. But, I liked the idea of the story a lot so I decided to finally jump in.


I'm not sure how to review this book. I went in knowing only the synopsis provided, and I'm glad. I think this book is best when discovered while reading. I will say that there were moments along the way when I thought it was dragging out. I'm not one who likes a lot of description in books, and this book is saturated it in. There would be chapters dedicated to describing tents and what went on inside. They didn't feel as if they served any purpose other than trying to immerse the reader in the world of the circus. However, as I finished the book I realized that each of those tents served as a sort of character description. Not only for the circus itself, which I think was meant to feel as though it were a living thing, but also of the characters who created them. I also realized that much of the way that Celia and Marco fell in love was through the tents they created. Those seemingly needless chapters served an important purpose, although it was subtle and many readers may miss that point as I almost did (or perhaps they won't agree with me, which is fine).


It's also a tale of two schools of thought when it comes to how magic should be done. Is one better than the other, or is there an argument that the best outcome is when they are combined?

I ended up loving The Night Circus. It's the first book I've read where I wished it were a TV series so I could get lost in it each week for a long, long time.