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The Promise of Rayne

The Promise of Rayne - Nicole Deese

I've read several books now by author Nicole Deese and I've really enjoyed them. I was excited for her new book, The Promise of Rayne. Unfortunately, I'm in the apparent minority of readers because I didn't love this one as much as her others. I did still enjoy it, but I just couldn't get as invested in these characters as I have in her previous books.


The petty conflict between Rayne's uncle Cal and their neighbor Ford was a bit extreme. The ending did justify the reasons for the dislike somewhat, but it still seemed quite over the top. I don't do petty, so maybe that's one of the reasons it was difficult for me to connect with the story.


I did like the relationship between Rayne and Levi. I thought they were good together and I liked how their differences complemented each other.


I think what bothered me most about this book was Rayne herself. She was very committed to her family, and I can appreciate that. However, for someone who was painted to be generous of heart and willing to look past the Shelby family stigma, she really didn't extend that to Ford. I didn't like how she could not see for herself who she should trust - she wouldn't believe the person who treated her with respect until the person who treated her like crap fessed up to lying, just because he was family. If she were truly generous of heart, then I think she would be willing to question her family's actions as soon as she realized how she should be treated by someone who loves her.


Her reaction when she was first confronted by Ford was difficult for me to take seriously. Her grandfather died of a heart attack, and the rumor was Ford that conned him out of land from the family's inheritance. Ford had never approached her in 18 years - so even if the rumors were true, I don't get her reaction of extreme fear. Anger, yes. Fear, no. I mean, it's not like she was told Ford had killed her grandfather. And I'm not sure why she would be so angry. She only cared about the lodge. If Ford had 'swindled' her grandfather out of land, that didn't impact her position at the lodge or her grandfather personally. It really only impacted her dad and uncle, and she didn't seem to care much for either of them. She also didn't seem to care about money. She wanted to help others, give back to the community, etc. So why would she care so much about what he had stolen from family members she didn't even like? Basically, I felt her reaction was too much of an unrealistic overreaction that left a bitter taste in my mouth and me questioning the validity of her character.

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There were a few other petty things I had issues with as well.


Overall, not my favorite but still glad I read it.