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I love to read just about anything, as long as it's fiction. I read for me - that means I read what I want, when I want. My reviews tend to mostly be based on how I'm able to personally connect with the story/characters. They are not intended to influence someone to read, or not read, a particular book. I always encourage people to take a chance and make up your own mind.


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All Who Dream

All Who Dream - Nicole Deese

All Who Dream was the final book in the Letting Go series by Nicole Deese, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first two. The relationship that developed between Angie and Jackson was fun and believable. I enjoyed their banter and the way they challenged each other to be a better person.


Angie was a survivor of domestic violence, so there were some important topics in this book. I really like how she had already mostly healed before she met Jackson. This was not a case of 'I'm broken and can only be fixed by a man', which was awesome. She did still have some growth to go through to learn how to trust a man again, and I loved following along on that journey. 


There were parts that were predictable and a bit cliched, but that didn't take away from my overall enjoyment of the book.


I'll definitely be checking out more books by Deese.