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Ugly Love

Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover

It's been a couple years since I've read one of Colleen Hoover's books. I enjoyed her previous books I've read and have been looking forward to making time for another one.


One of the things I like about Colleen Hoover is that she's not afraid to take risks. She tries new things and it's refreshing. The downside is that these risks don't always pay off. Unfortunately for me, this was one of those situations where the risks just didn't work out. 


On the surface, I enjoyed the story line -- a man, Miles, broken by something so devastating he thinks it's better to just never love anyone ever again. Then we have the heroine, Tate, who wants to focus on her career rather than her love life. So it sounds like a perfect combo for a sex only relationship. But we smart readers know it won't be so easy (otherwise, there would be no book).


I enjoyed most of the characters in the book (see exceptions below). As with her past books, Hoover did a good job of bringing them to life and giving them each their own set of unique circumstances. However, I have to admit that I did find it a bit of a let down that there were no other primary female characters other than the heroine, Tate. Her mom makes a cameo, and we have Rachel in Miles's chapters but those are in the past. I guess I'm just surprised that Tate had no female friends. Actually, she didn't appear to have any friends at all. I understand she had just moved there, but I would assume she would have someone she would still be in contact with, or befriend one of her many coworkers at the hospital. Instead, she only befriends Cap - the 80-year-old who works in her apartment building. I loved Cap, but I just felt the lack of women in this novel. 


There are two primary things I did not enjoy about this novel. First: the chapters where we are in the PoV of Miles. Oh, dear Lord. By the end of the book, I do believe I had come to hate the name Rachel. Seriously. How many times can he say her name? And the style --- centering it down the page and I think it was supposed to be poetry? Maybe? I'll admit I'm not into poetry (at all) so maybe it's the best poetry ever and it was just over my head. And that's fine. But the reality is that my end result was a sort of hatred that was forming for Miles. I seriously hated his chapters. In addition to the annoying style, I pretty much got the impression that he was an unbalanced person who confused obsession with love.


My second big issue was Tate. On the surface, I liked her and her spunky attitude. But really, she was just a doormat for Miles. Here's a line from the book that just grated on my nerves:


"I let him use me to get rid of his pain."


And by use, she means sex. I'm sorry, but that's not love. On either end. If you have to 'let' someone have sex with you when you really don't want to just because you think it will make him feel better --- run. Run far, far away. Oh, and this line is followed up by him calling her the wrong name during sex. And instead of pushing him off and walking away, she tells him to finish while she lays there crying. ??? (And he does, so that just shows you the kind of jerk he really was. I don't care if he does have 'The V' above his pants.) Finally, there is no growth by the end of the book for Tate. None. She just get's lucky that the screwed up guy she fell in love with happens to get over his issues to be with her.


So, unfortunately, my two big issues with this novel had to do with the two primary characters. Not good. It would have been rated lower, but some of the secondary characters saved it for me (such as Tate's brother, Corbin, and Cap).


I'm sure I'll read more of Hoover's books in the future. My hope is that this is just a one off for me, and that the next one I pick up will pull me in like her previous novels.