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I love to read just about anything, as long as it's fiction. I read for me - that means I read what I want, when I want. My reviews tend to mostly be based on how I'm able to personally connect with the story/characters. They are not intended to influence someone to read, or not read, a particular book. I always encourage people to take a chance and make up your own mind.


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Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

I really enjoyed this book. I think it was the way it portrayed the 'innocence' of a first love as a teenager. I like that Eleanor and Park weren't attracted to each other at first sight. I like how it developed, but when it did it was full on falling in love. In my opinion, I think that's how it is for some kids. I've read the reviews from people who feel this is a flaw from the book.


But I disagree. For both Eleanor and Park, they feel like outsiders. They feel awkward. They both learned how to set up barriers and believe that no one could really like them for who they are. So when Eleanor and Park started to bond over comics and music, they let their guard down and it was like crashing head first into someone they both wanted desperately to have - someone love them for who they are.


Based on the way it started, the ending wasn't much of a surprise for me. I expected the ending, but I didn't mind that. It didn't ruin the experience for me.


I'm really looking forward to reading more from Rainbow Rowell.